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about the people of our restaurant

The people that work in the building and the people whom enter the building through our front door as our guests are the people who define Two Stones Pub. Since 2011, we have always made sure that people were the most important part of what we do and The amazing loyalty from our team members and our guests over the years has humbled us incredibly.

We are About Beer 2019

Two Stones Pub started in a little corner of Newark called Brookside. When we started, we opened up our doors as a craft beer only destination. The craft beer scene had just taken over Delaware and we were at the forefront. We didn’t serve anything that wasn’t craft and soon after. Lots of other places took notice and joined in the increased craft beer offerings. But our people kept the guests coming back because even in light of so many other local restaurants and pubs starting to serve the same craft beer we were, it was our people that continued to keep our guests happy and wanting to come back.

about great food at a gastropub 2019

Plenty of the people that make up our family, work in our kitchens as cooks and chefs are striving everyday to put the most creative, appetizing and mouth pleasing food on your table. With a menu that is as diverse in cuisine as our beer menu is in our craft selections, our chefs have embraced their craft for years to make all of our people very proud and boastful of the food and service we put out.

delaware restaurant is about community 2019

Over the years we have opened and operate six pubs in addition to the opening of the Tap House in Chadds Ford and 2SPizza happening in Newark, DE.

Of the six of the Pubs in operation, 3 were locations that had been vacant and one was a business on it’s way to closing. We embraced these shuddered “stripmall” spaces and added a business with a community supporting family of employees, that in each location continue to support the local communities through various charities and events.

We currently operate in Newark Delaware, North Wilmington Delaware, Kennett Square Pennsylvania, Hockessin Delaware, Jennersville Pennsylvania and Middletown, Delaware.

the restaurant family 2019

How have we been successful and how are we able to operate 5 soon to be six great restaurants consistently and passionately on a daily basis? With our people, everyday. From our bartenders to servers and to our managers. From our dishwashers to our line cooks… our Sous chefs and executive chefs. We are a family-based business and we continue everyday to grow our people and our culture in hopes that we will always known to them as family.

This is Two Stones.
The Two Stones Pub Family.

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